a basic need

scanian music and language

scen.png The rhythms of Cum Linguis Scaniis music match their inspiring language. With songs and poetry regarding the necessity of diversity in all its flavors they appeal to each and every one to consider the state of humanity and the world. Urgent themes like ecological footprints, basic needs and sence of place - sprung from the virtue of enoughness - make their music both soft and hard.

The stanza from Codex Runicus written almost a thousand years ago: "Last night I dreamed a dream of equality and honest enoughness" is the theme of Cum Linguis Scaniis.

When I am small, sometimes,
I am like air in the morning,
crawl through the bars,
then I am small, yet stronger.

When I am poor, sometimes,
I am poor in objects,
my hands are free,
then I am poor, yet less hungry.

The scanian voiced consonants, diphtongues, fine prosody and powerful vocabulary give Cum Linguis Scaniis their genuin characteristics and put the regions of Scania, Halland, Blekinge and Bornholm on the map.